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Coaches, Trainers, and Athletes!

Students, Amateurs, and Professionals!

Get expert nutrition counseling individually tailored to your athletic fitness and performance goals



        Increase your energy

        Maximize your performance

        Achieve you full potential

        Get more from your training program

        Learn which supplements are beneficial


Learn what to eat before, during, and after a training session or competitive event.

My primary goal is to help athletes achieve their full athletic potential.  My guidance will enable you to optimize your health, fitness & athletic performance through the application of scientifically-sound, evidence-based nutritional strategies.

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As a professor of nutrition at the University of New Hampshire, I have specialized in the unique nutritional needs of the elite athlete and how optimal nutrition can enable maximal athletic performance.

Thinking of hiring a personal trainer?  See me first, so you'll get the full benefits of the trainer's guidance.

Tired of bonking?  I can increase your energy.

Reached a plateau?  I can help you break through - definitely!!  Guaranteed!!


Who would benefit from this service?

Anyone engaged in physical fitness who wants to get the most out of their training program. 

Without optimal nutrition, training gains and athletic performance will never be optimal.




What benefits will you receive?

You will complete a questionnaire and a Diet & Activity Diary (unless you prefer not to) to inform me about you current practices.  We will then schedule a counseling session that typically lasts about one hour at which you will receive a set of written recommendations and a model exercise and nutrition plan specifically constructed for your unique circumstances - No canned one-size-fits-all plan!!  A variety of food options will be suggested and discussed.


An alternative is: we meet and I thoroughly answer all your questions and help you devise your own plan.


You will get the complete answers to questions about all nutrition or supplement strategies and protocols, including: 




Suggestions will be practical and economical. 

If you are spending more than $2 per week on protein or other dietary supplements, you canít afford NOT to make an appointment. 

I will save you money by explaining to you what nutritional strategy will accomplish your goals, and what wonít.


Suggestions will be tailored to your dietary habits and taste preferences. 

You will be coached how to select foods and supplements you like that are beneficial to your performance.  

And how to time their consumption for maximum benefit.


Emphasis will be on optimal nutrition with natural foods, balanced with dietary supplements when appropriate.



How much does it cost?

Each consultation costs $95.  Cash or check only.  No insurance or credit cards accepted.


Student athletes at the University of New Hampshire will receive free counseling as long as time and space permit.


'Starving Student' discount price is $50.  (For students supporting themselves financially, with difficulty.)



Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you ARE fully satisfied with our consultation meeting, then payment is expected at the end.  If your performance does not improve when you incorporate my nutrition suggestions into your athletic program, you may receive a full refund.



Where will the counseling take place?

Time and location will be arranged by appointment, probably in Portsmouth or Durham, NH.  The consultation typically lasts 45-90 minutes.  You will receive a personalized nutrition plan and a full explanation for why it supports your goals.


Dr. Dennis Bobilya has been a professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of New Hampshire in Durham since 1991, where he teaches courses in Sports Nutrition, Nutritional Biochemistry, Vitamin & Mineral Nutrition, and Dietary Supplements.

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